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Every True Love Diamond is laser-inscribed at its girdle with a unique identification number only visible under a 10x jeweller’s loupe. This hallmark is proof of authenticity and ownership of your True Love diamond.


Inspired by romance and love stories around the world, the design of every True Love diamond ring begins with a sketch done meticulously by hand – translating inspirations on to the setting of individual rings. All True Love diamond rings have the perfect setting so as to bring out the collective grandeur and beauty of every piece done with pride by master artisans.


Cut to precise angles and perfection, every True Love diamond bears 8 symmetrical hearts and 8 proportionate arrows – the testament to a Supreme Ideal Cut diamond. All True Love diamonds are stringently graded and assessed by the International Gemological Institute (IGI) for quality assurance and certification.

True Love diamonds have an inscription of the True Love trademark together with its unique identification number on the girdle for added certification and exclusivity.